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At Optimum Fitness Training in Ann Arbor, we believe that a personal training program is the most effective way to reach your fitness goals. Our certified personal trainers have years of experience and training in all aspects of fitness, including weight training, cardio, endurance, and sports performance.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, increase your endurance, or just improve your overall fitness, our personal trainers can design a customized workout program just for you. With personalized attention and guidance, you’ll see results faster than you ever thought possible.

Our gym trainers and fitness coaches are all certified and highly trained in their respective fields. They have the knowledge and experience to create a personalized training program that is tailored to your unique needs and fitness level. Our strength trainers can help you build muscle and improve your overall strength, while our personal fitness trainers can help you improve your overall health and fitness.

At Optimum Fitness Training, we understand that every person’s fitness journey is unique. That’s why we offer personalized one-on-one training sessions that are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals in the shortest amount of time possible. Our personal trainers will work with you every step of the way, providing guidance, motivation, and accountability to help you stay on track.

If you’re searching for a personal trainer near you in Ann Arbor, look no further than Optimum Fitness Training. Our certified personal trainers are here to help you reach your fitness goals and live a healthier, happier life. Contact us today to schedule your first session and start your journey to a better you!

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Whether you’re trying to lose some extra pounds, or you’re seeking the ultimate workout to reach your ideal shape, Optimum Fitness Training can help you meet your goals. Our personal trainers will design a customized workout routine for your needs to help you build long-lasting results.


In addition to our classes, we also offer a range of services to help you achieve your fitness goals. From nutrition coaching to weight loss coaching, performance enhancement training to boxing training, we have the expertise to help you reach your full potential.

Our Classes: We offer a range of classes designed to challenge and inspire you. From cardio to strength and endurance, boxing to agility, we have something for everyone. Our experienced trainers will guide you through each class, ensuring that you get the most out of your workout.

All of our trainers are certified and have years of experience in fitness, boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, and team sports. Angel Cabrera, our lead trainer, holds a number of special certifications, including Master Trainer, Certified Group Fitness, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Nutrition Certification, Behavior Change Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist, MMA/Boxing Conditioning Certification, Integrated Training Specialist, Barre Intensity Certified, Indoor Cycle Certification, and Youth and Senior Specialization.



Nutrition Coaching

Comprehensive nutrition instruction focused on teaching the positive and negative effects nutrients can have on the body.

Integrated Training

Core exercise plans designed to enhance balance and strength.

Weight Loss Coaching

Workouts customized to your individual needs that teach effective weight loss techniques and strategies.

Performance Enhancement Training

Fundamental exercises designed to improve aspects of athletic performance including speed, agility, power, endurance, and coordination.

Boxing Training

One-on-one technique and form sessions that teach the basics of boxing while providing a cardio endurance workout.

Corrective Exercise Training

Pain-free exercises designed to teach proper form and technique to help restore and maintain posture, balance, mobility, and stability.


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If you’re ready to start your fitness journey or have any questions about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you achieve your fitness goals and find your own unique recipe to health and fitness success.

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